Best Toro Electric Weed Eater Reviews

Toro Electric Weed Eater ReviewsToro is a top brand in the world of weed eaters. Over the years, the company has dedicated itself in producing high quality weed eaters that have really revolutionized the way we eliminate weeds in our homes and gardens. Its boasts of a long line of models, particularly in the category of electric weed eaters. Among those multiple models, there are a few that have really made a huge impact on the international market. Let’s review each of the top 5 models and see what they have to offer.

Top 5 Toro Electric Weed Eaters

1. Toro 51484 Cordless 12-Inch 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Trimmer/Edger

This is a powerful trimmer that is run by a 20-volt lithium ion battery. This highly durable battery generates sufficient power to enable you tackle thick weeds, grass, and undergrowth with great ease. Its 2-in-1 design enables it to operate as a trimmer or edger. This machine provides more extended reach, thanks to its ergonomic telescopic handle. The trimmer incorporates a 2-year warranty.

Key features

  • Lightweight design minimizes user fatigue while offering easy handling
  • 12-inch cutting path facilitates speedy operations
  • Automatic Feed Trim Line that adjusts for a perfect cutting length
  • Ergonomic assist handle for increased comfort and balance
  • Durable and rust resistant aluminum shaft provides extended reach
  • 20-volt high-capacity battery for easy trimming of thick grass and weeds
  • See full specifications on here…

2. Toro 51467 Cordless 8-Inch 12-Volt Electric Trimmer

This yet another notable model in the company’s long line of electric trimmers. It comes in a lightweight construction of only 6.4 pounds. This serves to minimize user fatigue while providing for easy handling. This trimmer incorporates a compact size of 9 x 12 x 22 inches. Such a small size means that it takes minimal space in terms of storage. The trimmer incorporates a 2-year warranty that caters for any defective parts or poor craftsmanship.

Key features

  • Automatic feed spool for continuous operations
  • Lightweight construction offer easy handling
  • Ergonomically designed handle for enhanced comfort and balance
  • Tool-free assembly that is easy to execute
  • 8-inch cutting path for fast operations 
  • See full specifications on here…

3. Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

This dual line trimmer is perfectly engineered for domestic use. It derives its power from a 5 amp motor. Unlike other conventional motors, it is built to last. This means that it will offer you excellent service for years to come. Its telescopic handle enables the trimmer to access hard-to-reach places. This machine features a 2-year warranty to guarantee its superior quality.

Key features

  • Powerful 5 amp motor for optimal performance
  • Extra wide 14-inch cutting width for quick trimming operations
  • Telescopic handle with adjustable assist handle offer extended reach
  • One step walk behind edging converts from trimmer to edger in just a matter of seconds
  • See full specifications on here…

4. Toro 51488 48-Volt MToro 51488 48-Volt Max Cordless Dual Line Trimmer, 13-Inch

This is a 9.5-pound weed eater powered by a 48-volt max lithium ion battery. This battery has the ability to generate twice the power of conventional nickel cadmium batteries. It features a 13-inch dual feed automatic line for faster and continuous operations. This dual trimmer is among the few machines that incorporate a variable speed to suit multiple applications.

Key features

  • Durable cast aluminum head offers long-term protection for the motor 
  • 48-volt lithium ion battery generates enough power to easily cut through thick grass and weeds
  • Adjustable handle serves to offer enhanced comfort and control
  • Automatic spool facilitates continuous operations
  • 13-inch cutting path for fast trimming operations
  • See full specifications on here…

5. Toro 51487 24-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer, 12-Inch

This is a 2-in-1 weed eater designed to perform both trimming and edging operations. It runs of a 24-volt lithium ion battery that offers maximum performance. This is one machine that incorporates a power saving mode. This means that it can run for longer on just a single charge. It comes with an automatic spool that facilitates continuous operations.

Key features

  • Powerful 24-volt lithium ion battery for maximum performance and reliability
  • Extended shaft for easy reach and maximum efficiency
  • Automatic spool offers continuous operations
  • 12-inch cutting path for speedy operations
  • Power saver mode offers extended run-time
  • See full specifications on here…


These are the top electric weed eaters that stand true to Toro’s reputation. They are reliable machines that turn the daunting task of weed elimination into great fun. These trimmers are among the most affordable and incorporate easy operation that makes them ideal even for beginners. In case you are having trouble in weed elimination, this machines are definitely the perfect solution. They will get the job done and save you enough time to carry on with other tasks. Well, what more can you ask!

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