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4 Cycle or 2 Cycle Weed Eater

4 Cycle or 2 Cycle Weed Eater?

Weed eaters sometimes referred to string trimmers, are mostly used to cut grass or weeds in your garden. They are easier to use than lawn mowers. There are two types of weed eaters. These are the 4 cycle and the 2 cycle …
Electric Weed Eater

Electric Weed Eaters – Important Facts

Unwelcome plants growing in wrong places where they are not required are called weeds. This type of plants are usually unattractive and can be annoying since they naturally hinder development of good plants from their exhaustion of nutrients and other important factors …
Electric Weed Eater Corded and Cordless

Buying And Choosing A Weed Eater

Weed eaters, also referred as weed whackers or string trimmers are essentially used as hedge trimmers to keep yards or sidewalks neat and weed free.¬†On one end, most trimmers have a shaft with a handle and a reel of string on the …