Top 5 Earthwise Electric Weed Eater Reviews

Earthwise Electric Weed Eater Reviews

Earthwise is a leading company specializing in innovative lawn tools that are environmentally friendly and cost effective all while maintaining a high quality product. For several years Earthwise has offered their customers all the best features in their lawn tools, while integrating the newest technology for keeping the planet healthy. Earthwise tools are both lightweight and easy to use, however they don’t sacrifice power or quality. They offer a wide variety of lawn care tools, however, their electric string trimmers are one of their most popular tools. Offering many different models, Earthwise is sure to have a string trimmer to suit your lawn care duties. Below we will review their five most popular string trimmers.

Top 5 Earthwise Electric Weed Eaters

1. Earthwise CST00012 18-Volt 12-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

Pumping out eco-friendly power for your landscaping needs, this string trimmer is a gas-free unit, with a powerful 18V rechargeable battery. Since it’s powered by an 18V NiCd battery, it is both powerful, fast and above all, quiet! Capable of both trimming and edging functions with its angled 3 position adjustable cutting head, the trimmer also has a 12″ cutting width with a .065″ semi-automatic cutting line. With a telescoping, rubber molded handle that also rotates 180 degrees in 3 different positions, the user has maximum comfort and control when using the device. Weighing in at just 8 pounds 2 oz, lawn care has never been easier!

Key Features

  • Powerful 18 V NiCd battery
  • Cordless, Quiet, Eco-Friendly with no gas power
  • Adjustable, lightweight design for comfort and control
  • 12″ cutting width with .065″ semi-automatic cutting line
  • Compatible with other Earthwise 18V tools6. Flip down edge guard
  • See full specifications on here…

2. Earthwise ST00015 15-Inch 6.25 amp Electric String Trimmer

This corded electric string trimmer is both powerful and quiet. Giving the user the power of a gas trimmer with none of the hassle, this trimmer has a 6.25-amp motor that can handle almost any lawn care challenge. Keeping with the Earthwise promise, this tool is eco-friendly, emitting no harmful gas fumes or heat. Since this is a corded trimmer, you don’t ever have to worry about changing out the battery or the battery dying during your project! With a 15″ cutting width and an automatic line feed, this trimmer makes keeping up your lawn a breeze. This trimmer features a flip down edge guard and a 3 position cutting head which adjusts to accomplish different trimming/edging functions. For maximum comfort the trimmer has an adjustable telescoping shaft that lets you choose the angle, height and the rotation with an adjustable, rubberized handle.

Key Features

  • No Battery, powerful 6.25 amp motor
  • 15″ cutting width
  • Semi Automatic feeding head
  • Telescoping, adjustable handle for maximum comfort
  • 3 position cutting head for trimming/edging
  • Eco-Friendly, no gas power
  • Flip down edge guard
  • See full specifications on here…

3. Earthwise OPP00010 T2 10-Inch 2.2 Amp Electric String Trimmer

Another corded string trimmer, this trimmer has a smaller, 10″ cutting width and a 2.2amp motor, making it ideal for most trimming tasks. Eco-friendly electric design eliminates the use for gas power, and will be sure not to annoy your neighbors with its quiet running motor. With a .065 bump feed dual cutting line, this trimmer is capable of handling a vast array of lawn care tasks.

Key Features

4. Earthwise ST00013 13-Inch 4.5 Amp Electric String Trimmer

Providing consistent, clean electric power, this string trimmer is ready to tackle your lawn. The quiet, fume-free 4.5-amp motor powers the device, which you can plug into any standard 120V wall outlet, giving you fade free power for the duration of your trimming tasks. The trimmer has a 13″ cutting width and an easy to use automatic line feed with .065″ cutting line. Need to do some edging in addition to the trimming? No problem, the easy to use rotating upper handle will make going from edging to trimming as easy as making one simple twist of the handle. To keep you comfortable while you’re doing your lawn care, Earthwise integrated a telescoping and adjustable shaft to allow you to choose not only the angle, but the height and rotation as well, and a flip down edging guard to keep those nasty trimmings off of your feet. With a 3 position adjustable head, this trimmer is capable of accomplishing those hard to reach trimming jobs.

Key Features

  • 4.5 amp electric motor, quiet & eco-friendly
  • 13″ cutting width
  • Semi-automatic feeding head with .065″ cutting line
  • Edging and trimming capabilities with a simple twist of the handle
  • Telescoping and adjustable shaft
  • 3 position adjustable head
  • Flip down edge guard
  • See full specifications on here…

5. Earthwise ST00011 11-Inch 3.75 Amp Electric String Trimmer

This string trimmer is powered by a 3.75-amp electric motor, which can plug into any standard 120V wall outlet for easy, fade free trimming power. With an 11″ cutting width this trimmer has a semi automatic cutting line feed with a .065″ cutting line. The rotating handle makes going from the edging function to the trimming function simple and quick. An adjustable shaft and handle allows the user to choose the proper angle, height and rotation for maximum comfort. As with many other Earthwise trimmers, this trimmer also has an adjustable three position cutting head which makes it ideal for tackling a variety of jobs.

Key Features

  • 3.75 amp electric motor
  • 11″ cutting width
  • Semi automatic feeding head with .065″ cutting line
  • Adjustable,telescoping, rubberized handle for comfort
  • Adjustable cutting head to 3 different positions
  • See full specifications on here…


Earthwise is a top choice amongst consumers due to their vast array of lawn tools, which are both easy to use and high quality. Their dedication to the environment and to their customers makes Earthwise a company you can feel good about purchasing a product from, knowing you’ll be getting a well designed product that’s sure to exceed your expectations. With a wide variety of string trimmers to fit nearly any lawn task that a customer may have, Earthwise is the clear choice when picking a trimmer designed to suit your specific needs.


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