The 8 Best Hedge Trimmers For 2017

When it comes to yard maintenance, handling the hedges can be quite a tricky problem. Not all of us have mastered the art of trimming the hedges in our yard and as a result, they often end up in weird and funny shapes. This personal incapability is the main reason why people hire professionals to cut and trim the hedges in their garden. What most fail to understand here is that the beauty of your yard does not just depend on your personal capacity. The efficacy of the job relies on the type of tool you use for the job too. In this case, it is highly important for you to find the best hedge trimmer.

Top Best Hedge Trimmer Reviews

If you are trying to maintain formal lines or even create uniform pruning lines, a powered hedge trimmer is the tool for the task. This gardening tool enables you to trim the hedges in your garden and thereby enables you to increase its overall appeal.

Types of Hedge Trimmers – Battery, Corded, Gas

When selecting a hedge trimmer, you need to consider a number of factors. This includes the size, weight, and usage of the machine. But mostly importantly, you need to think about the type of trimmer that you are going to purchase. Your choice of trimmer will mainly depend on your budget and your plans for the equipment. The main way to differentiate the types of hedge trimmers is the machine’s power source. The following are three main types of hedge trimmers you need to know about.

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers

These are a type of electric hedge trimmers that operate without a cord. These machines are powered by a rechargeable battery. These type of trimmers are known to be highly convenient for a number of reasons. They are small, lightweight, cordless, and noiseless. Thus, you will be able to use them without hurting yourself or disturbing your neighbors. It is best to use these machines for small tasks since they are not powerful enough to trim large hedges.


  • Quiet Operation: This enables you to do the trimming early in the morning
  • Low Maintenance: These do not have to be repaired and maintained on a regular basis
  • Easy Handling: These machines can be carried around without much physical effort


  • Short Performance: These machines do not last long on a single charge
  • Limited Efficiency: These cannot be used to cut large shrubs and hedges

Corded Hedge Trimmers

Corded electric hedge trimmers work by directly connecting themselves to a power outlet. These type of trimmers are known to be inexpensive as well as lightweight. Most corded trimmers only weigh about 5-10 pounds. This makes this appliance a smart choice for people with limited physical strength. One of the best benefits of a corded trimmer is the fact that it never runs out of power. As long as the machine is connected to an electrical outlet, you will be able to make good use of it.


  • Easy Maintenance: These machines can be maintained without having to spend a lot
  • Unlimited Power Supply: You will be able to use the machine without any interruption
  • Easy to Start: They can be started with a push of a button


  • Restricted Use: The cord limits the mobility of the machine
  • Low Power: These are not powerful enough to completely clear your garden debris

Gas Hedge Trimmers

These are the most powerful type of hedge trimmers in the market. Instead of electricity, these trimmers use gasoline is their primary power source. These models use a two-cycle engine and require a mixture of oil and gasoline to function. Increased mobility and work output are some of the best features of this type. If you want to cut hedges with large stems and branches, then this is your ideal choice.


  • High Power: These can be used to cut and trim branches of all sizes
  • Continuous Performance: These do not have to be plugged-in or recharged to function
  • High Speed: These can cut through the hedges in a single swift move


  • Noisy: These are not suitable if you live among prickly neighbors
  • Heavy: These cannot be carried around for a long period of time

Top 8 Best Hedge Trimmer Reviews

1. BLACK+DECKER LHT2220 22-Inch 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer, Includes 20v Battery
1. BLACK+DECKER LHT2220 22-Inch 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer, Includes 20v Battery
Key Features: Good Grip - Swift Cutting - Twice the Battery Life

This cordless electric hedge trimmers is powered by a 20V lithium battery. These batteries have been specifically designed to result in high performance and longer runtime. This 22-Inch hedge trimmer is not only easy to use, but it can enables you to achieve professional results too. Moreover, the machine also has 40% less vibration which enables you to use the trimmer without getting a headache or accidentally hurting yourself.

Good Grip

A good grip is highly important when handling dangerous equipment such as a hedge trimmer. The LHT2220 has a full wrap-around front handle. This handle enables you to get a good grip and thereby cut and trim the hedges to perfection.

Swift Cutting

Cutting and trimming the hedges takes no time when get yourself one of these. The machine has 40% less vibration and thereby alleviates fatigue and arm strain. Thus, nothing will you slow you down when you are maintaining your yard.

Twice the Battery Life

When it comes to hedge trimming, you cannot do the task halfway since it can ruin the appeal of your yard. You need to be able to finish the job in one attempt. The 20V MAX Lithium battery and the 22-Inch blade enable you to finish your task within a single charge.


  • Longer battery lifespan
  • Quick cutting capacity
  • Easy to handle


  • Unsuitable for large hedges with heavy branches
  • Need for continuous recharging

2. BLACK+DECKER HH2455 24-Inch HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer With Rotating Handle And Dual Blade Action Blades
2. BLACK+DECKER HH2455 24-Inch HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer With Rotating Handle And Dual Blade Action Blades
Key Features: Dual-Action Blades - 3.3 Amp Motor - High Performance

This 24-Inch corded electric hedge trimmer offers high levels of balance and control and precision to the user through its powerful in-line motor. The machine is ideal for trimming taller and wider hedges and shrubs. The impressive features of this particular hedge trimmer make it suitable for both short and tall hedges. If you are looking for a long-lasting trimmer with high work output, then the HH2455 should be your pick.

Dual-Action Blades

The 24-inch blade is what makes this machine ideal for taller and wider hedges. This impressive length of the blades not only enables you to reach to high spots, but also brings balance to the machine by distributing the weight evenly.

3.3 Amp Motor

The powerful 3.3 Amp motor enables the machine to work with high levels of efficiency. This motor facilitates gear reduction and increases the durability of the equipment too. The inline motor design improves the control and precision of the machine to a further extent.

High Performance

The strength of the hedge trimmer is one of its most beneficial features. The trimmer is strong enough to cut through branches that are up to ¾-Inch thick. The pre-hardened steel blades not only improve the speed of cutting, but reduce the vibration by 40% to increase user comfort.


  • Plenty of safety features
  • Easy handling


  • Possibility of tripping over the cord
  • Restricted usage due to the cord

3. DEWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer with 5AH Pack
3. DEWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer with 5AH Pack
Key Features: Lightweight Design - Long Reach - 20V Battery

The hardened steel blades, powerful output motor, and 5Ah Lithium-Ion battery are the most prominent features of this cordless hedge trimmer. This particular trimmer has a lightweight and compact design. Thus, this machine can be carried around without much difficulty. Moreover, the 22-inch blade can cut through branches that are up to ¾ of an inch thick. The hooked-tooth blade design not only increases the visual interest of the machine, but enables you to make a clean cut too.

Lightweight Design

This compact and lightweight design enables you to use the machine comfortably and safely. The lightweight design is particularly created to increase the maneuverability of the machine. Moreover, this compact design also aims to reduce the stress on your arms and shoulders.

Long Reach

The machine includes a 22-Inch hardened steel blade. Therefore, you will be able to cut down the extend branches swiftly. Since the blade is able to reach to high levels, you will be able to trim the hedge uniformly regardless of your height.

20V Battery

The 20V, 5Ah Lithium-Ion battery enables you to use the trimmer for a long time within a single charge. Since the battery has a considerably long lifespan, you will be able to get your work done before it runs out of power.


  • Lightweight design
  • High capacity Lithium battery
  • Impressive cutting capacity


  • Limited performance capacity
  • Need for regular charging

4. Black & Decker TR117 3.2-Amp Hedge Trimmer, 17-Inch
4. Black & Decker TR117 3.2-Amp Hedge Trimmer, 17-Inch
Key Features: Durable Blades - Compact Design - Safe Design

The Black & Decker TR117 hedge trimmer is a corded electric machine that is ideal for trimming small hedges. The equipment has a powerful motor that is ideal for trimming branches that are thick up to about 5/8-inch. The 17-inch dual-action blades of the trimmer are an impressive addition to the machine too. If you are looking to maintain your front yard on a regular basis, then this should be your pick.

Durable Blades

The quality of the blades increases the overall durability of the machine to a significant extent. This blade reduces the vibration by 40% when compared to single action blades. Moreover, since these blades are pre-hardened and rust-resistant, they survive for a longer period of time.

Compact Design

Since the hedge trimmer is a dangerous gardening tool, it is important for the manufacturer to make the design compact and lightweight. Black & Decker has followed these requirements precisely by creating a lightweight design for the TR117. This compact, lightweight design eliminates the possibility of user fatigue.

Safe Design

The TR117 has included a number of safety features to prevent accidental injury during hedge trimming. For instance, the machine has a lock-off switch that prevents the trimmer from accidentally switching on. Moreover, it also includes cord retention that prevents accidental unplugging.


  • Built-in T-handle
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Durable blades


  • Unsuitable for large hedges
  • Limited mobility

5. GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Pole Hedge Trimmer with 2ah battery and charger
5. GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Pole Hedge Trimmer with 2ah battery and charger
Key Features: Visual Interest - Lightweight Design - Adjustable Trimming

The GreenWorks 22272 includes a G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion battery that is capable of offering high performance capacities. The 20-Inch steel dual-action blade increases the overall durability and usability of the machine. This blade also has 3 pivoting head adjusts that enable you to trim the hedge in multiple angles. Furthermore, the 5/8-Inch cutting capacity enables you to trim the hedges with control and precision.

Visual Interest

Since the trimmer is a gardening equipment, the 22272 design is in the perfect shade of green. This not only increases the visual appeal of the product, but also makes the equipment a fine addition to your gardening tool collection.

Lightweight Design

Despite its durability and high performance capacity, the trimmer is extremely lightweight. The machine weighs no more than 9.6 pounds and thereby can be moved with ease. You will not experience arm or shoulder strain if you have to carry the hedge trimmer for a long while.

Adjustable Trimming

The three-multiple position pivoting adjust blades enable you to trim the hedges in various designs and shapes. You will be able to trim the hedge from multiple angles. Due to the 20-inch blade you will be able to reach out to taller points of the hedge without any hassle too.


  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance


  • Short performance

6. Poulan Pro PP2822 22-Inch 28cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer
6. Poulan Pro PP2822 22-Inch 28cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer
Key Features: Swivel Handle - Reduced Vibration - High Power

The 28cc-engine, 22-inch cutting length and the dual-sided blades are the best features of this hedge trimmer. There is no need to connect the PP2822 to an electrical outlet or recharge it on a regular basis since the machine is powered by gasoline. In this particular machine, gallons of fuel can be used for approximately 30 hours. When compared to other gasoline hedge trimmers in the market, the PP2822 is lightweight.

Swivel Handle

The adjustable handle of this trimmer makes the overall machine highly comfortable and convenient. This adjust-ability enables you to cut low vertical bushes quickly and easily. Moreover, this feature enables you to shape the hedges according to your personal preference.

Reduced Vibration

The manufactures have reduced the amount of vibration that is released by the machine when it is under operation. By decreasing this vibrancy, the machine alleviates fatigue and arm strain that result due to extended use.

High Power

The impressive amount of power generated through two-cycle engine enables you to get the job done easily. You will be able to cut through thick branches without having to stop or slow down. This high power reduces the time wasted on this chore.


  • User-friendly design
  • Dual-sided, rotating blades
  • Durable design


  • Too heavy
  • Too noisy

7. Tanaka TCH22ECP2 21cc 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer with 30-Inch Commercial Double-Sided Blades
7. Tanaka TCH22ECP2 21cc 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer with 30-Inch Commercial Double-Sided Blades
Key Features: High Performance Quality - Reduced Noise Level - Lightweight

This gasoline powered hedge trimmer is specifically manufactured for the use of professional landscapers. The 21.1 cc two-cycle engine and the 30-Inch commercial grade cutting blades enable you to cut through both thin and thick branches. Although the machine is powered by gas, it can be started easily, unlike most traditional gas trimmers. The machine also includes a 5-position rear handle. This feature enables you to operate more comfortably, while helping you to prevent yourself from accidently burning the hedges.

High Performance Quality

The high performance capacity of the machine is one of the main reasons why many professionals use this particular model. The cutting efficiency and the safety features of the machine make it a highly suitable and efficient hedge trimmer.

Reduced Noise Level

Although TCH22ECP2 is a gasoline powered hedge trimmer, it does not create too much noise when it is being operated. This reduced noise level enables you to enjoy the high performance capacity of the machine without disturbing your neighbors.


Many consumers have complained that gas hedge trimmers are hard to use and carry around despite their high work output. This is why Tanaka has manufactured this model to be considerably more lightweight than its counterparts in the market. The model weighs no more than 11.4 pounds, which is a generous amount for a gasoline powered hedge trimmer.


  • Comfortable and safe operation
  • Dual reciprocating blades
  • Less fatigue due to anti-vibration system


  • Less eco-friendly due to high fuel use
  • Unsuitable for beginners and amateurs

8. GreenWorks 22102 2.7 Amp 18-Inch Corded Electric Hedger
8. GreenWorks 22102 2.7 Amp 18-Inch Corded Electric Hedger
Key Features: Double Insulation - Lightweight - Additional Safety Features

If you are seeking a suitable hedge trimmer for light trimming duties, then you should opt for the GreenWorks 22102. This electric hedge trimmer delivers a moderate amount power that will enable you to trim the hedges in your yard. Although the machine has a limited working capacity, it is one of the most eco-friendly options in the market since it does not produce any emissions. Moreover, this trimmer does not produce any noise either. This way, you will be able to finish the trimming early in the morning.

Double Insulation

The double insulation features puts an additional protective layer between the user and the machine. This feature is incorporated to protect you in case of an electrical anomaly. The exposed metal components in the machine are isolated from the internal electrical workings to further ensure the user’s safety.


The trimmer weighs no more than 5.1 pounds. The model has an even weight distribution to offer balance, control and stability for the user. This even distribution of weight also enables you to cut the hedges in even strokes.

Additional Safety Features

The machine includes a lock-off switch to ensure user safety. If the machine accidently starts on its own, this switch will automatically shut down the equipment. This will prevent the machine from harming the user accidently.


  • Wide range of safety features
  • High suitability for light tasks and small gardens
  • Increased user control


  • Awkward grip
  • Unsuitability for heavy-duty tasks
  • Small cutting capacity


When investing in a hedge trimmer, you are not only making a long-term financial commitment, but you are risking your personal safety and the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Therefore, it is highly important to read a number of hedge trimmer reviews and compare the features of each model in order choose the most suitable one.


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