Top 10 Best Garden Tiller Reviews in 2017

If you are a passionate gardening enthusiast, a garden tiller is an equipment that you must definitely possess in your arsenal. Whether you are planning to prepare some flower beds or plant a vegetable garden, you will require the help of a tiller to turn the soil, mix the compost and most importantly, to loosen the soil. Professionals recommend to till the garden twice a year, before the planting and after the harvest to ensure that the soil stays healthy.

Best Garden Tiller Reviews

If you want to purchase the best garden tiller to maintain the quality of your soil, you need to consider the size of your garden and the type of soil you have. While some tillers are suitable for large spaces and breaking new ground, there are others that are useful in tilling hard-packed dirt. During your purse, you will be presented with three different types of garden tillers namely, battery-powered, corded and gasoline-powered tillers. Each type has its own perks and limitations, therefore it is important for you to compare your options and choose wisely.

Battery Powered Garden Tillers

Cordless garden tillers enable you to till your garden with complete freedom since they are lightweight, quiet and easy to operate. Although these machines are not as powerful as gasoline-powered tillers, they have proven to be a much more convenient and maneuverable alternative. Majority of the cordless tillers have 18-20V power and therefore are suitable for simple gardening tasks such as weeding application and light-duty cultivation. The best advantage of using a cordless garden tiller is the fact that you will be able to use it anywhere you want without any restriction on mobility.


  • Unrestricted Usage: The absence of a cord enables you to move as you please
  • Lightweight: Most cordless tillers have a compact design
  • Easy to Use: These machines can be switched on with the touch of a button


  • Limited Usage: These machines are unsuitable for heavy-duty tasks

Top 2 Best Battery Powered Garden Tiller Reviews

1. BLACK+DECKER LGC120 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Garden Cultivator/Tiller
1. BLACK+DECKER LGC120 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Garden Cultivator/Tiller
Key Features: Impressive Battery Power - Environmentally Friendly Design - Lightweight Design

Freedom, power and convenience are three words that aptly describe the performance of the LGC120B. This cordless garden tiller is known to be one of the most eco-friendly gardening equipment in the market. If you are looking for a tiller to cultivate your flower garden or for the purpose of weeding, then this should be your choice.

Impressive Battery Power

The LGC120B includes a 20V lithium-ion battery system that is both long-lasting and interchangeable. It is possible for you to cultivate a maximum space of about 325 sq. feet between the charges. Although the battery is high powered, it is mostly suitable for minor tasks such as weeding and cultivating landscape beds.

Environmentally Friendly Design

Since the machine is powered through electricity, it does not result in any harmful gas emissions. The absence of fumes and carbon emissions makes the atmosphere a clean and healthy one, which makes the product ideal for families with young children.

Lightweight Design

The overall design of the tiller is created to offer the user a great deal of convenience and control. The tiller weighs approximately 8.0 pounds, which enables you to move with ease. Moreover, the machine also includes an ergonomic handle that alleviates unnecessary arm fatigue during the cultivation process.


  • High maneuverability
  • Soft grip
  • Eco-friendly usage


  • Limited usage
  • Low power

2. GreenWorks 27062A G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Cordless Cultivator
2. GreenWorks 27062A G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Cordless Cultivator
Key Features: High Maneuverability - Easy Transportation - Ease of Use

This lithium battery operated cultivator boasts to comprise all the bells and whistles that are required for soil maintenance and enhancement. The interchangeable batteries and the 40-minute run time are some of the strongest features of this product. Moreover, the machine’s convenient design has also proven to be another one of its strong suits.

High Maneuverability

GreenWorks has specifically created this product to be highly adjustable in order to meet the needs of all gardening enthusiasts. The 4 adjustable 8-inch forward rotating lines and the adjustable tilling width (8.25-10 inches) enables you to till a garden of any size.

Easy Transportation

If you have a large garden, you might want to look for a tiller that is easy to use and move around. In this case, the 27062A is ideal since it includes 6 wheels and has the capacity to work continuously for 40 minutes.

Ease of Use

The lithium-ion battery eliminates the unnecessary hassle of mixing oils or dealing with extension cords. This means that you do not have to worry about tripping over the cord or spilling oil. Moreover, the machine also includes a 2-step start watch to prevent accidental startups.


  • Plenty of torque
  • Compact design
  • Easy assembly


  • Low-quality tires
  • Inflexible handle

Corded Electric Garden Tillers

Garden tillers that are powered by direct electricity are known to be quiet, maneuverable and powerful. Moreover, they are also known to be economic to buy and easy to maintain. As long as you are within 100 feet, you will be able to utilize an electric tiller in any way you want. Although corded garden tillers are smaller and lighter than gas-powered tillers, they are not nearly as powerful. Therefore, these are typically used in limited areas and for small tasks. When compared to battery-powered tillers, these machines are able to survive for a long period of time.


  • Unlimited Power: As long as the machine is connected to power source, it will work
  • Low Maintenance: No need for you to change the batteries or oil
  • Compact Design: These machines usually have a lightweight and compact design


  • Restricted Mobility: You cannot use this tiller above the range of 100 feet
  • Safety Concerns: You can easily trip over the cord

Top 4 Best Corded Electric Garden Tiller Reviews

1. Earthwise 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator, Model TC70001
1. Earthwise 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator, Model TC70001
Key Features: Easy to Start - Long Lasting - Surprising Maneuverability

The TC70001 is an electric garden tiller that is ideal for soil renewal. This machine is suitable for small-duty gardening tasks such as making flower beds. The decent motor enables you to till the garden with ease. If you are looking for a tiller to create or maintain your personal garden, this is a smart and cost-effective choice.

Easy to Start

To start the machine, all you need to do is hold down the lever. This automatic start button enables you to use the machine easily. Once the tines start to rotate, it is possible for you to till the dirt up to 11 inches wide and 8 inches deep.

Long Lasting

The TC70001 comes with a good warranty. As long as you use it for the right tasks in the right way, the machine will survive for a longer period. If you keep the machine properly cleaned, maintained and stored, you will be able to use it for much longer.

Surprising Maneuverability

The machine is not exactly lightweight since it weighs 30 pounds. The 8.5 amp motor and the rear wheels enable the machine to function just like a lawn mower. Despite its weight, the machine is reported to be surprisingly maneuverable.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple assembly
  • Affordable choice


  • Restricted mobility
  • Restricted usage

2. Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator
2. Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator
Key Features: Powerful Motor - Instant Start - High Durability

The TJ603E is the cleanest and greenest way to till your garden. The powerful 12 amp motor enables you to cultivate an area and get rid of weeds in a matter of minutes. Although the machine is not powered by gasoline, it is just as powerful. It is possible for you to tame your yard with more comfort and less strain. Moreover, the machine also includes a collapsible handle which makes the tiller easy to store.

Powerful Motor

The high-powered 12 amp motor that generates 340 RPM makes it possible for you to pulverize the dirt quickly and easily. This impressive power capacity of the motor will also enable you to slice through the soil with ease and without effort.

Instant Start

You can start up your tiller with a push of a button. The absence of gas, fumes and tune-ups will enable you to start and maintain the machine without much effort. This will make gardening a less time-consuming task.

High Durability

The TJ603E includes 6 steel angled tines that are highly durable. The high amount of durability gives assurance that the product will be useful on the long-term. These durable tines will allow you to dig through the ground up to 8-inches deep and 16-inches wide. This means that you will be able to cultivate your soil in no time.


  • Impressive power
  • Environmentally friendly design


  • Limited mobility due to cord
  • Heavy weight design

3. GreenWorks 27072 8-Amp Corded Tiller
3. GreenWorks 27072 8-Amp Corded Tiller
Key Features: Compact Size - Adjustable Features - Convenient Design

If you are looking for a corded garden tiller that is easy to operate, then this is the one. This product of GreenWorks has a number of benefits for you. The 8 amp motor and the light and thin frame makes the device the perfect addition to your garage. Moreover, the portability of the machine and its compact design makes usage, maintenance and storage simple and easy.

Compact Size

Although this garden tiller has an assembled weight of about 39 pounds, it looks and feels like a compact and lightweight equipment. Despite its small size, the machine has the capacity to handle tough gardening tasks in an efficient manner.

Adjustable Features

The ability to adjust the tilling width and depth of the machine according to your convenience has a number of obvious advantages. Whether you are trying to till loose soil or tight plots, you will be able to dig deep into the soil without any issue. Furthermore, the machine also includes 4 forward-rotating tines to increase the product’s overall efficiency.

Convenient Design

The machine includes a flexible and adjustable handle that enables you to use the tiller according to your own level of convenience. Moreover, this feature will be of great use in terms of storage since you will be able to store or transport the equipment without much hassle.


  • Adequate power
  • Steady movement
  • Diverse capabilities


  • Too heavy

4. Troy-Bilt TB154E 6 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator
4. Troy-Bilt TB154E 6 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator
Key Features: Lightweight Design - Impressive Performance - High Reliability

If you are looking for a corded electric cultivator to dig and turn your garden soil, then this is what you should bet your money on. Despite being an electricity-powered machine, this tiller has shown impressive capacity for high-powered tasks. This means that it is possible for you to handle cultivating tasks with high requirements with a small and simple machine.

Lightweight Design

Since the machine has a compact, lightweight design, it is ideal for small spaces. Although the approximate weight of the product is 32 pounds, you will be able to effortlessly control this machine when using it to cultivate flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Impressive Performance

The performance capacity of a garden tiller heavily relies on its motor and tines. In this case, you will not be disappointed with what the TB154E has to offer. The 6.5 amp motor and the 8-inch steel tines will enable you to dig and tear the soil without any hassle.

High Reliability

To cultivate a vegetable garden, you will require a garden tiller with multi-functioning tines and a strong gearbox. The TB154E offers consumers both these features, which makes this product the ideal solution for your tilling requirements.


  • Impressive durability
  • Adjustable tilling widths
  • Well-balanced ergonomic design


  • Restricted mobility

Gasoline Powered Garden Tillers

The easiest way to till your garden with minimum effort on your part is to utilize a gasoline-powered garden tiller. These machines are available in various sizes and shapes to fit varying customer requirements. The reason why most people prefer to use gas-powered tillers is their high power. The engine of the machine has the capacity to handle heavy-duty tasks without any issue. Unfortunately, this high efficiency comes with a price. Most gasoline-powered garden tillers result in carbon emissions and fumes which endanger the natural environment. But over the recent years, this problem is being dealt with through the use of modern technology.


  • High Torque Power: These machines are highly suitable for heavy-duty gardening tasks
  • Continuous Performance: You can operate these machines for an extended period of time
  • Versatility: These are suitable for both small and big gardening jobs


  • Environmental impact – The use of these machines leads to carbon footprints
  • Regular maintenance – The engine will have to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis

Top 4 Best Gasoline Powered Garden Tiller Reviews

1. Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator with 43cc 2-Cycle Viper Engine
1. Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator with 43cc 2-Cycle Viper Engine
Key Features: Lightweight Design - Steady Operation - Easy Transportation

This little tilling monster is a powerful cultivator that all garden enthusiasts would definitely appreciate. Not only can this machine tilt the soil in your garden, but it is also capable of getting rid of the weeds. Despite its compact size, the machine has the capacity to break up hard soil. If you use it properly, it is strong enough to dig up hardened clay as well.

Lightweight Design

The compact and lightweight design is the main attraction of this machine – especially since it is a gasoline-powered tiller. Although the machine is not ultra-light, it is easy to carry and operate when compared to the alternatives in the market. The 35 pounds are concentrated on the front area of the machine. This enables users to transport it without any hassle.

Steady Operation

The MC43 combines a triple mechanism to loosen up the soil. The versatility of this machine enables you to aerate, weed and mix your garden space. So, whether you are planning to get rid of the weeds or mix up some fertilizers, this machine will definitely be useful.

Easy Transportation

The high maneuverability and the adjustable on-board wheels of this machine enables you to move it around with ease. If you are planning to work on your vegetable plot the whole day, you can go ahead and do so without experiencing arm strain.


  • Impressive tilling width and depth


  • Unsuitable for beginners

2. Troy-Bilt TB146 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Cultivator with JumpStart Technology
2. Troy-Bilt TB146 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Cultivator with JumpStart Technology
Key Features: Customized Design - Easy to Start - High Torque

Power and versatility are the strong suits of this particular gas-powered tiller. This cultivator is specifically designed to create flower beds and vegetable gardens. The machine includes a 29cc 4-cycle engine, 6 eight-inch blades and well as a die-cast gearbox. If you are looking for a high-tech garden tiller, then this should be your pick.

Customized Design

The machine is ideal for small plots of land since it can be easily maneuvered within restricted space. Since the machine is lightweight and compact, you will be able to maneuver the machine in tight spaces. The transport wheels make it much easier for you to move around with the machine.

Easy to Start

Most people assume that gasoline-powered machines need to be started by pulling the cord. Thanks to technology, you do not have to deal with this problem anymore. The TB146 can be easily started with the push of a button. This JumpStart technology enables you to get on with your tilling without any delay.

High Torque

One of the biggest problems with gas-powered machines is the mixing of oil. You will not have to experience this problem with the TB146. This machine has a high torque level and therefore results in low emissions. This means that you do not have to mix gas and oil unnecessarily.


  • Adjustable tilling widths and lengths
  • Forward rotating steel tines


  • Fuel wastage

3. Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller
3. Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller
Key Features: Adjustable Tilling Widths - Adjustable Handlebar - Easy Transport

The 205cc engine makes the FT900 one of the most powerful gas tillers in the market. The front-facing, forward-rotating tines enable you to dig through the soil without any hassle. The .075-gallon fuel tank is yet another asset of the machine since it enables you to till mass areas continuously by eliminating the need for frequent refueling. The only disadvantage of using this machine is that is you will have to use a recoil start since it does not include an easy electric start.

Adjustable Tilling Widths

The FT900 includes three different tilling widths of 12, 24 and 26 inches. This versatility enables you to use the machine for any type of gardening requirement. Whether it is general maintenance or digging a vegetable plot, you will definitely find this machine to be useful.

Adjustable Handlebar

The vertically adjustable handlebar of this machine allows you to raise or lower it according to your own level of convenience. It is possible for you to achieve a comfortable tilling position to eliminate the strain on your back.

Easy Transport

The transport wheels of the machine are 8-inches. Although the absence of agricultural wheels means that there will be no traction or balance, the presence of the drag bar makes up for it. The inclusion of this gadget gives you extra balance and stability.


  • High versatility
  • Impressive durability
  • Simple maneuverability


  • No electric start
  • Absence of agricultural wheels
  • Lack of safety shields

4. Mantis® Tiller 2 Cycle Gas #7920
4. Mantis® Tiller 2 Cycle Gas #7920
Key Features: Lightweight Design - Sure Grip Handle - Powerful Engine

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight tiller that offers fast and easy tilling, then the Mantis 7920 is the answer to your prayers. Not only is the machine easy to start, but it also offers quiet performance despite being powered by gasoline. This means that it is possible for you to till the garden without waking up your prickly neighbors. The machine is also considered to be one of the most reliable tillers in the field.

Lightweight Design

This 2-cycle tiller weighs no more than 20 pounds. Not only is this one of the lightest tillers in the market, but it is also easy to carry, start and use. Despite the compact design, the machine is capable of digging up to 10-inches deep.

Sure Grip Handle

The soft, sure-grip handle is ergonomically designed to facilitate a fatigue-free operation. If you are planning to use this tiller for a heavy-duty task, you can be assured that you will not experience any arm strain at all. The comfortable grip will definitely go easy on your hands and wrists.

Powerful Engine

Regardless of its lightweight design, the 2 cycle, 21.2cc engine has the power to till through compacted dirt. The engine has the capacity to spin the tines two times faster than most alternatives in the market. Despite the heaviness of the soil, the tines or the machine will not get damaged.


  • High durability
  • Impressive power capacity
  • Compact design


  • Fuel costs
  • Carbon emissions


Despite their compact size, garden tillers are not a low-cost investment. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are investing your money on the right tiller. The above mentioned garden tiller reviews are some of the best corded, battery-powered and gasoline tillers in the market. When selecting a tiller from these options, make sure to consider your personal preferences and gardening requirements. Compare and contrast the features, benefits and limitations of each product. Most importantly, analyze the long-term capabilities of the machine. This will enable you to make a suitable choice.


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