Is It Safe To Use An Electric Weed Eater Near Buildings And Fences?

Properly using an electric weed eater near buildings and fences would be to not damage the building and or fence or the piece of equipment. When you use an electric weed eater near the bottoms of the fence like near the posts, over time you can cause some serious damage to that post, causing the fence to become weaker and look uglier and uglier. For the most part the average consumer with an electric weed eater will just simply avoid getting way too close to the bottom of the fence post anyways. This method works but there are other ways. The most popular method for saving the fence post is mentioned in the information below as well as other criteria.

As for safely weed eating around the bottom of a building with an electric weed eater you should get close but not too close; be sure to have enough nylon string pulled out before hand and go to town. When it comes to a building such as a home or office more damage would be done to the piece of equipment first than there would is in comparison to the damage that would be done to the said building.

Is It Safe To Use An Electric Weed Eater Near Buildings And Fences?

Is It Safe To Use An Electric Weed Eater Near Buildings And Fences?

Anyways the most common method for protecting the bottom of the fence posts from an electric weed eater is placing a metal fence post protector there; they come in a decent variety of colors as well as several different sizes. This is so pretty much every size of fence post can be safely covered by a piece of fancy and protective metal.

Things you will need for Putting the Metal Protective Fence Piece on the Post

Item one you will need

A reliable screw gun that is geared up and ready for use.

Item two

A utility brush.

Item three

The correct size and desired color of metal post protector.

Item four

Enough screws for the metal post protector piece; usually four to five screws for one piece.

The Process of Properly Putting on the Metal Post Protector to the Bottom of the Fence Post

Step One for Properly Placing the Metal Post Protector

Use the utility brush you gathered up to remove all of the dirt as well as any debris from the bottom of the fence post. The surface of the wood, vinyl, etc., should be as clean as possible. This is done to ensure that the metal post protector has a clean and level surface to stick to and protect; if this surface is un-level it can debris and dirt to get in between and just cause more of a mess.

Step Two

After you have cleaned the bottom of the fence post off it is then time to place the metal post protector to the post, align it correctly so it touches the base evenly as well as the trim on both sides. Do the same for all of the pieces of metal protectors that go around each fence post bottom. The protectors should be applied to all sides even if you don’t trim on every side.

Step Three

Once you have all of the metal post protectors placed you then need to take the screws and use the screw gun to begin screwing in each screw, one by one. There are mounting holes pre drilled into the pieces of metal post protector so align a screw at a time to a hole at a time and screw it in. Keep doing this until you have screwed in one screw into every hole for all of the pieces of metal post protectors on all sides of the bottoms of the fence posts.


Protecting your fence posts will not only help keep your fence looking alive and not being damaged but it will also help keep the electric weed eater from being severely harmed. Using the metal post protectors helps with the fences and learning how to properly hold the electric weed eater while in use will help you with using it near buildings as well as fences.

Following the above steps will ensure that you have a great fence and will also keep your weed eater in good shape.

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